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Redundant web pipe

A web asset pipe aimed at cutting down on dependencies

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Beginnings of a simple asset pipeline script for those who enjoy:

And those who do not want to rely on:

Working converted example from d3 can be found here.
And a large chunk of the source coffeescript can be found here.

Do enjoy such things :)

Please Note: The javascript source code used to derive the example in this project is not original. It was modified from the sunburst example from here; The layout and logic flow of the code has been modified to fit my preffered javascript layout in general but much of the origonal logic flow is still unmodified.


Right now it has very basic functionality, plan to add sass support in the future, maybe haml but thats another beast for planning how to integrate them.

Should integrate with watchdog to watch source directories for changes, compile on change and notify in dom on compile error

This example is flush with 1000 foldiers for something fairly simple those could definitely be reduced.


make will compile any script in src, place a debug version in debug and a release version in release or warn you of any compile errors. look at example for suggested folder hierarchy.

$ git clone
$ cd redundant_web_pipe
$ make install
$ make
$ make serve

then click here

Dependencies Installed by Script

$ pip install coffeescript
$ pip install slimit